About Julien C. H. Andersen:

I have the last approx. 10 years received messages from God.
  The messages are written down in two books: "The
Prophet's Diary" and "Divine Prophecy."
  The books are both beautiful and unique about man, love,
family and upbringing.
  The book "Divine Prophecies" gives a look into the
future of the continents and some of the countries, including the powerful
Vatican state. The book is also about philosophy and democracy everywhere on
  In particular, the books provide an understanding that we are
all connected to one big puzzle and that we are on our way to a harmonious
earth in the not too distant future.

Another place you can read about the messages from God is on the Facebook
page "Love" and www.Life-adventure.dk
  I do this to enlighten  and to help other people to open to love, transform
thoughts, feelings, and open to more loving actions toward themselves and
others all over the earth, as well as offer inspiration and guidance for the
spiritual dimension of life. The doctrine is not new, it is an old doctrine,
but it is forgotten by many.

We live in prosperity. Unfortunately, many live in the extreme poverty
caused by a lack of love and compassion for others. And many people fail to
explore their own true nature, faith and love.
  Love is staircase: The higher up you go, the more love, the
less selfishness, and everyone like me can walk up the stairs of love.
  I live a life of faith and in God. Love is my religion.

With love


Spiritual Evening Sunday, March XX at 19:30 p.m.

Experience an evening with the spiritual world and me as a channel for the
spiritual world.

Tonight's program:
1. I will start with a presentation of the evening; How things are
3. A spiritual talk.
4. Mantra.
5. Prayer.
6. Meditation - possibly guided meditation to create peace in body and
7. Talk about the meditation.
8. It will then be possible to ask questions about your life, your
situation or help with spiritual development and topics.
9. Final Prayer and possibly intercession for the sick and suffering.

Around channeling can be advice on both physical and mental issues and on
your personal and spiritual development.
Time: See posts on Facebook